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Punto618 Art Gallery, located in the historical centre of Venaria Reale, was born out of a project dedicated to the Artist Dovilio Brero. His son and daughter, Vesod and Sabina, after the death of their father want to continue making his Art a living reality.

Both of them were born and bred to Art. Vesod, graduated in mathematics, is today an internationally renowned artist. Sabina is a jewel designer with a degree in biomedical engineering, who has decided to throw herself into this project in order to promote not only her father Dovilio’s Art but also the next generation of Artists.

Punto618 Art Gallery, managed by Sabina, is located just a couple of minutes on foot from the Reggia di Venaria [Royal Palace of Venaria] in a lively and tourist area of Venaria Reale, and in the same building hosting the atelier of her brother Vesod.

Guided visits can be arranged upon reservation

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Punto618 Art Gallery wants anyone to be able to appreciate, know and live Art, by promoting young emerging Artists, who represent future and evolution. All of this starting from the art production of the artist Dovilio Brero, whose work spanning through twentieth century ideas has been able create an autonomous and original language (from the Book “Le scelte di Sgarbi” [Sgarbi’s choices] published by Mondadori 2004). Leading his Art to an evolution which  characterizes his work in a unique manner.


The gallery deals in contemporary art, and in particular Street Art, a form of expression that allows the artist to be free and at everybody’s reach, thus allowing anyone to enjoy the artworks on display. This project aims at investing in progress, change, and international dialogue by promoting the cultural and artistic evolution that this art form can provide in the twenty-first century.


The name Punto618 was inspired by the Golden Ratio, an algebraic and irrational number, whose value is approximatively 1,618. This concept expresses the connection that exists between mathematics and Art. In a way, it also represents the life path taken by Sabina and Vesod, as their experience seems deriving from the  “combination” resulting from their father, an artist, and their mother, a mathematics teacher.

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