Punto618 Art Gallery is committed and invests in progress, change, and international dialogue
by promoting the cultural and artistic evolution which can nowadays be expressed by Street Art.


Punto618 Art Gallery, located in the historical centre of Venaria Reale, aims at making people appreciate, know and truly live Art, by promoting young emerging artists who represent future and artistic progress.

All of this starting from the works of the artist Dovilio Brero, who inspired this project by developing a personal and autonomous artistic language, taking his art to a level of evolution which specifically characterized his work.

The gallery mainly deals in Street Art, a form of art in which the artist is able to freely apply his skills and openly display his works to a larger audience, allowing everyone to see his artworks. This project aims at investing in progress, change, and international dialogue by promoting the artistic and cultural evolution that this art movement is able to provide in the twenty-first century.

#8 EXHIBITION - O.Two|AndreaRiot: H E X C O D A

19.03.17 - 29.04.17

HEX is a curse and CODA is a written passage, that is where the title of the exhibition comes from defining in some way a written spell.

This concept fully represent the Wizard Kings philosophy, art collective which O.Two and Andrea Riot are part of. Made with specific rules but at the same time full of mystery.

The artworks have a very precise colour palette, the use of latin letters, gestures and abstract expressionism.


13.03.16 - 24.04.16

MESMERIZE [mes¦mer|ize]

From the evocative suggestion originated by the english verb “to mesmerize” – to hold the attention entirely -, the exhibition aims to create a mesmerizing effect, thanks to the meeting of two art
forms: photography and muralism.

The eye investigates beyond appearance, the same camera changes role moving from spectator to protagonist, giving life to an artwork that surprises because it goes beyond the limits of its language to join six other artistic expressions.

A creative experiment devised for the first time by the photographer LIVIO NINNI with the artists CORN79, ETNIK, FABIO PETANI, MRFIJODOR, TENENTE, VESOD.


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